How is JustWholesale® associated with Sailrite?

JustWholesale is a “doing business as” entity of Sailrite Enterprises, Inc. The separate website (JustWholesale.com) exists to provide the best support and service to our business customers.

Does my business qualify for JustWholesale’s pricing program?

To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must:

1. Order items that will be used for resale or in the manufacturing of a finished product for sale.
2. Provide at least one of the following:
  • Federal Tax ID or EIN.
  • Business License or Certificate.

  • Tax Exempt Certificate.

If my application is approved, how long does it take to get my account set up?

We strive to approve applications as quickly as possible. Once you submit all required paperwork, it will take 1–2 business days for us to review your application.

How do I apply for tax exemption?

See “Ordering & Payment” in the footer of the website. Look under the heading titled “Tax-Exempt, Sales Tax Information.”

How do I apply for credit terms?

In order to be considered eligible for credit terms, you must make purchases by credit card totaling $5,000 or more during a six-month period. You may request a Credit Terms Application at that time, after which JustWholesale will determine your eligibility.

JustWholesale reserves the right to approve or deny an applicant and is the sole authority for that decision. JustWholesale reserves the authority to make exceptions to this policy as it sees fit. See the Credit Terms & Conditions section of the Credit Terms Application for complete details.

Submit your application request to info@justwholesale.com with “Apply for Terms” in the subject line of the email.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, JustWholesale does not have a minimum order quantity.

I want in! How do I apply to join JustWholesale?

Click here to go to our application page.

Is your fabric first quality?

Yes. JustWholesale is committed to bringing you only first quality fabrics. However, even first quality fabrics will have a few flaws. For example, most mills permit up to six flaws per roll on their first quality fabric (roughly one flaw for every 10 yards of fabric).

In light of this policy, JustWholesale will make every effort to avoid sending a flaw with fabric cuts under five yards. If longer cuts are required, JustWholesale recommends ordering additional fabric to compensate for the occasional flaw. Manufacturer flaw tags can be found on the edge of the fabric so the flaws can be avoided or inconspicuously placed when patterning your projects.

What is a "Yard" (Yd)?

Fabric is sold by the linear (running) yard. For Example, if a fabric is 60 inches wide and 1 yard is ordered, you will receive a piece 60 inches wide by a length of 36 inches. 

Is fabric shipped in pieces?

We always try our best to send fabric in one continuous piece. If you order more yardage than what is on a factory roll, you will receive one factory roll plus the remaining fabric needed. If for any other reason we cannot ship your order in one piece, we will contact you before shipping your order out. To see how many yards are in a factory roll of a given fabric, look under the Specifications for “Yards Per Roll.” Actual “yards per roll” may vary up to 10 yards depending on manufacturer.

How is fabric packaged?

Larger fabric orders will be rolled for shipment. Smaller yardage orders will be folded to save on shipping. If multiple fabrics are ordered, they may be rolled together on a common roll.

What size are fabric samples?

Most samples are either 6" x 6" or 3" x 12". Samples of striped fabrics are approximately 3" x 12" while patterned and solid fabrics are approximately 6" x 6". Samples may not show all of the colors or the full pattern in a fabric. To see full colors and pattern repeats, we suggest ordering a yard of fabric.

How do I order samples?

You can order samples of most fabrics by going to the product page for the fabric of interest and clicking on the “Order Sample” button. Sample books are also available for some fabric brands.

How do I request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or additional documentation on a product?

Send an email to info@justwholesale.com and we will send you the requested documentation, if available.